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Jessica Clark

Type Nine

Certified Western Seminary Life-Coach CTC, ACC

""The Enneagram has been one of the most Transformational tools for my personal and spiritual growth. It's not only revealed the patterns in my personality that don't serve me, but also the beautiful, redeeming, and life-giving qualities that I've learned to embrace."

Damara Miller

Type Two

Certified Western Seminary Life-Coach CTC, ACC

"My favorite thing about the Enneagram is that it frees us up to love ourselves the way God does. The Enneagram helps us see where we've been compartmentalizing the parts of ourselves that we label either "good" or "bad". Just like God, we don't have to conditionally love only certain parts of ourselves. We can instead choose to compassionately love every part. Then we're ready to let God see, heal, restore and love every part of us. We hold nothing back from Him."

"If we observe ourselves truthfully and non-judgmentally, seeing the mechanisms of our personality in action, we can wake up, and our lives can be a miraculous unfolding of beauty and joy." 

Don richard riso & Russ Hudson