Why enneagram us events?

Want to know what the Enneagram buzz is all about? Are you either brand new to the Enneagram or keep hearing about the Enneagram and want to learn more? If so, then hosting a Discover Enneagram Us Event is the perfect introductory option for you and your Church Family.  

This unique event acts as an introduction to the Enneagram. It's for those who are interested in the Enneagram, but want their questions answered before diving deeper into a training or a workshop. This is a great customizable approach to introducing the the Enneagram to your Church Family. These events are highly interactive, adaptable and last anywhere from 1-3 hours.

discover Enneagram us event

the format: 1 - 3 hours 

topics include: 

  • An Overarching Explanation Of The Enneagram 

  • Additional Resources And Information On The Enneagram

  • Explanation On Enneagram Us Offerings​​

  • Additional Components: Raffle Give-Away, Snacks, Refreshments, and Question & Response

Why host a discover enneagram us event?

​Hosted at your Church, this event is a perfect way to get acquainted with both the Enneagram and who we are as Enneagram Us. Discover Enneagram Us Events are intentionally set up to be a relaxing and engaging space that welcomes new Enneagram learners.


Here we explain the purpose of the Enneagram, how it can help us and details on what we, as Enneagram Us, can offer. The Enneagram is unlike almost anything else out there. There's also a lot of mixed information about the Enneagram circulating around. For these reasons and more, people usually have a lot of questions.


That's where our Question & Response session can help. Our goal is for your Church Family to walk away from this event with some basic knowledge and excitement about the Enneagram as well as confidence in Enneagram Us' ability to bring exceptional service and training to your Church Family.

WANT TO HOST A discover ENNEAGRAM US EVENT for your church family?

Connect with us to learn about hosting an Enneagram Us Event at your Church.