group coaching

what are the benefits of group coaching?  

Going through an Enneagram Us Training or Workshop will elicit lots of realizations and revelations both individually and with other members on your team. Dots become connected between behavior, communication, desires, needs, etc. between members of your team, leaving room for new feelings of compassion and understanding. 

It can also leave room for questions about what to do next. Now that you know one another's types, what do you do with this information and insight as a team? How do you utilize one another's unique strengths and motivations to maximize impact for your Church? 

That's where group coaching comes in. With Enneagram Us, we'll walk your team through a group coaching session that narrows a focus and/or outcome desired, explores potential options and opportunities for growth, and identifies a course of action that is measurable, realistic, and doable. 


If your Church team is seeking unity, understanding, compassion, and growth, then an Enneagram Us training or workshop paired with group coaching is the perfect fit! 

what's the format?

  • 1-2 hour sessions at your church (video conferencing can be made available)

what does group coaching include?

Here are some possibilities: 

  • Team effectiveness and Communication 

  • Conflict Resolution 

  • Building upon one another's strengths 

  • How to maximize each other's individual types to benefit overall ministry and /or impact

Ready for Your church team to go through group coaching?