Individual Coaching

what are the benefits of individual coaching?  

Learning about the Enneagram can be quite the journey.  Learning about the Enneagram comes with both "aha"/light bulb moments and confusion. Lots of emotion comes into play as well: embarrassment, shame, humor, relief, compassion, etc. It's common to not know where to begin and be left with more questions than answers. 

That's where coaching comes in. Coaching meets the Enneagram learner at the intersection between the current patterns and behaviors that keep you stuck and self awareness/growth.


It's in this place where the coaching can help the individual determine what the core desire, need, and course of action is  in order to achieve their personal, spiritual, or relational goals.

what's the format?

  • One hour sessions via in person (if applicable), video conference, or phone.

what does individual coaching include?

Here are some possibilities: 

  • Discerning your Enneagram Type 

  • Personal and Spiritual Growth within your Type 

  • Leveraging your Type to maximize your ministry 

  • Getting free from the patterns that keep you stuck 

  • Relational Growth between your Type and a partner, friend, and/or family member's Type


Ready for your first coaching session?