church leadership training

what are the benefits of church leadership training?  

We provide customizable Enneagram training for your Church Team. This is a time effective targeted approach to help you get the most out of the Enneagram.


For example:

  • Is your team struggling with burnout?

  • Does everybody seem to want to go at different paces? Or in different directions?

  • Are your dynamics characterized by miscommunication and then a lot of time spent trying to repair the hurt feelings?

  • Do some of your team players seem oblivious to the effects of their attitude or behaviors?

  • Is there a struggle to create, cast or implement your Church vision and mission?

  • Does it seem like your Team could be functioning at such higher capacity with greater joy?

  • A lot of these team dynamics can be understood through the lens of the Enneagram. It also offers a framework and a shared language for moving forward together.

    As Christian Coaches we take your values, goals, struggles, strengths and faith into account. We also include Coaching techniques to enhance your Enneagram training. And if you do decide to introduce the Enneagram to your larger Church Family, you'll be equipped and supported to do so.

    How would your Church Team and Family benefit from this training?

    The way your Church Team functions effects your whole Church Family. As leadership, you are modelling what it looks like to be a part of God's family and Kingdom. Whether you mean to or not, you're modelling the way you communicate, your level of transparency and interdependence. If you empower each other to live fully and freely as the amazing human beings God designed you to be, they'll see that too. As a leadership team, you have the opportunity to expand your Church Family's imagination of what could be possible for them too.

what's the format?

  • A customizable series of trainings ranging from 1 - 3 days

  • On-site at your Church or Retreat Style off-site

what does this training include?

Here are some possibilities: 

  • Learning about the Enneagram together as a team.

  • Discerning team members' Types & learning how team dynamics are affected by each person's Type.

  • Understanding each other's different worldviews, passions, interests & ways of being in the world.

  • Ways to communicate in light of this new shared insight & awareness.

  • Coaching your team so that each member is fulfilled, challenged & thriving in their roles. Thereby maximizing each member's impact on the team, the Church Family & the greater Kingdom.

WANT TO HOST A training for your leadership team?

Connect with us to learn about hosting a leadership staff training at your Church.