our christian beliefs

Jesus Christ is the Son of God and has conquered sin & the grave.

Jesus is in the business of restoration. The grand mission of Jesus is the restoration and reconciliation of all things to Himself.


God looks on His people with love first and foremost.


In love & power the Holy Spirit is actively setting people free & drawing them to Himself.


God is actively building His Church by freeing, healing and unifying broken individuals into one cohesive body.

our core values

Jessica's Core Values

Acknowledging the image of God that is inherent in each person.

Seeing & treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard.

Commitment to honesty & integrity.

Rest - inner contentment rooted in gratitude.

Damara's Core Values

Everybody being invited into the Freedom that God has for them.

Health - spiritual, mental, relational & emotional.

Safe spaces for people to be themselves & heal through loving relationships.

People knowing that God really wants them & wants to speak with them personally.

Justice for & Equality of all people.

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