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The Enneagram Journey is powerful and life-changing. There are times along the way that are overwhelming and highly emotional. There are plenty of times where we feel stuck and get discouraged. It can make a world of difference to have a Coach there with you for the times when you just can't see the way forward.


It can really help to have somebody who is experienced with the Enneagram help you discern what is truly you and what are your Type's tendencies and coping mechanisms. As your Coach, I provide a safe space for you to explore, getting to know who you really are.

​​What do I bring as a Coach?

  • I bring Coaching skills, practical resource and a Christian perspective on the Enneagram

  • I offer a safe place to explore and rediscover your authentic self through 1-1 Coaching

  • I help you to design your action out of your insight so that every session ends with your own committed action and forward movement

  • I emphasize building in encouraging accountability, shaping/leaning on your healthy support system

  • I celebrate with you as you take your action, grow, learn, see change, know yourself and God even better

​Type Two Coaching

While I love Coaching with people with every Type, I specialize in Coaching Type Twos. I understand the shared underlying motivations of the Type Two. So I know how to create a safe space where we can partner together. In our Coaching relationship I can compassionately challenge and encourage you on a deeper level.


Some common Type Two Coaching topics include:

  • Building sustainable self-care practices

  • Developing our own inner-nurturer

  • People-pleasing, saying "no" and setting boundaries

  • Recognizing and voicing our own needs

  • Practicing self-compassion

  • Learning to rest

  • Getting to know ourselves outside of helping and serving

  • Accepting our passions as gifts that lead us towards our calling

  • Releasing the people we love and trusting God to take care of them

how can the enneagram be used in coaching?

Coaching with the
Enneagram as Insight

In it's most basic form, the insight gained from the Enneagram can be used as clues to understand yourself. The Enneagram is astonishingly effective at raising our self-awareness.

Through the Enneagram, God can shed light on seemingly random and inconsequential tidbits that end up becoming crucial pieces in understanding a bigger pattern. These patterns could reveal strengths we didn't know we had. They could also show us the patterns we get stuck in and how to now do things differently.

Coaching with Enneagram insight enhances your ability to move towards all of your other goals. The shared language of the Enneagram makes for more time efficient and effective Coaching sessions.

Coaching with the
Enneagram as a Lens

Taking your goal, whatever it may be, we overlay what we know about your Enneagram Type over the top. It becomes a lens through which we can get a fresh perspective on your challenges, values and strengths. This approach helps take the general information about your Enneagram Type and see how it applies to you specifically.


Through this lens we can better understand our own unconscious motivations and worldviews. As a lens, the Enneagram sheds light on why we do the things we do. And how we can now do things differently to get unstuck and finally reach our goals. We can also come to accept and access resources we didn't even know we had.

Coaching with the
Enneagram as a Goal

The Enneagram illuminates for us our True Self- the beautiful sliver of God's heart that we were born to reflect to the world. In contrast it highlights our False Self we've adapted as kids to feel safe, but which now holds us back from true freedom. In the same way that the Apostle Paul talks about taking off the old man and putting on the new, you may choose an aspect of your False Self to shed and an aspect of your True Self to put on. This can become your Coaching goal.

Coaching with an Enneagram goal allows you to take concrete steps towards these specific aspects of your True Self. Whatever the specific goal you choose, Coaching in this way will move you one step closer to living more freely and fully alive. 

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However, I'm not currently accepting new clients for the Winter/Spring of 2020. If you are interested in Coaching with me email me at damara[at]enneagramus[dot]com, I'll make sure to save your info and let you know when I begin accepting new clients again.