SMALL GROUP leader training

what are the benefits of small LEADER group training?  

Training your Small Group Leaders how to listen, lead and empower their groups using the Enneagram.

what's the format?

  • 1-2 Days Training Onsite at your Church

what does this training include?

Here are some possibilities: 

  • Getting the most out of the Enneagram to enhance the small group's specific purpose & vision.

  • Deciding to what extent leaders want to integrate the Enneagram into their small group.

  • Understanding group dynamics between leaders & members & between the members themselves.

  • Leading from your strengths, gifts & passions in a way that develops each small group member's own unique gifts & passions.

  • Calibrating invitation & challenge based on each small group member's Type.

  • Cultivating compassion & unity within their unique small group.

  • Activities that small group's can do to further their understanding of the Enneagram & each other.

  • Resources & reference guides to further support & equip Small Group Leaders.

WANT TO HOST A training for your small group leaders?

Connect with us to learn about hosting a small group training at your Church.