Why workshops?

We've created these workshops to equip Christians with tools for self-awareness as a key to greater compassion, unity and engagement in the Body of Christ. The more that we know how God made us and how our stories have affected us, the better we can discern the true and authentic in us from the false and adaptive.


Participating in these workshops together as a Church Family is one powerful step towards building a culture of authenticity and growth.

Foundations of the Enneagram 

This unique introductory workshop is designed to lay a well-balanced and informed foundation. It's for both the beginner and the one already familiar with the Enneagram. Most people's Enneagram knowledge comes from the wildly popular book "The Road Back to You", by Ian Cron and Susanne Stabile. It's a fabulous place to start, but it's outside of the scope of the book to look at every aspect of the Enneagram. If it did, it wouldn't be a very good introductory resource. The Enneagram is much too vast and complex. Some people venture further to read more or listen to Podcasts. Given all that, we've found that most people are missing the foundational pieces. They haven't been shown the big picture and have a hard time understanding how all the pieces fit together. That's exactly what we provide in this workshop.


Right off the bat we look at Enneagram etiquette and the pitfalls we can avoid by examining ourselves when we first learn about the Enneagram. Then we take the learner up to the 30,000 ft view to get a good look at how all the “building block” concepts fit together. Then, using a unique metaphor, we look at the Essence of each Type and why we find ourselves stuck in the same patterns over and over. We teach the hope and beauty inherent in each Type's God-given gifts and how those gifts can help us get unstuck from those frustrating patterns.

the format: 1/2 day - 1 day 

topics include: 

  • The Spirit In Which We Approach The Enneagram 

  • The Purpose Of The Enneagram 

  • Safety Guidelines For The Enneagram 

  • The Levels Of Depth Of The Enneagram 

  • How The Enneagram Helps Us Get Unstuck 

  • Additional Components: Reflections, Assessments, Question & Response, Group Discussions, ETC. 

Why go through the foundations workshop as a church family?

If the Enneagram has the potential to be helpful for your wider Church Family, then this workshop is a great launching point. The well-balanced foundation means that your Church Family would all be on the same page.


Everybody has different reactions to the Enneagram, but through this workshop you'll all at least have a shared language to discuss it. You'll have the chance to ask your questions and reflect together upon the new insights. You'll have the opportunity to pray together and encourage each other as each person has their own "aha" moments of clarity.


Going through this workshop together as a Church Family is a powerful experience. On top of that, this workshop prepares you for the advanced workshop on How the Enneagram Can Help Us Hear God.


Connect with us to learn about hosting a Foundations workshop at your Church.

how the enneagram can help us hear god

God is always speaking and He loves to help us discern His voice. The Enneagram is an incredibly helpful tool for this.


This advanced retreat-style Enneagram workshop focuses on how we, within each of our Enneagram Types, can learn to hear God’s voice.


Throughout this workshop, we'll come to better understand our Type and the voices that we are each prone to hear. What we expect to hear effects what we do hear. At the very least, it effects what we focus on and filters what we choose to internalize or cast aside.


We'll explore our key influences that shaped our self-image as children and the stories we continue to tell ourselves now as a result. All of which effect the way we hear God in our everyday lives.

the format: 1 - 2 days 

topics include: 

  • Laying A Foundation For Hearing God  

  • Each Types Basic Fear, Desire, & Self-Image 

  • Examining Our Family Of Origin's Influence

  • How Each Type Can Make Space To Hear God

  • How The Enneagram Helps Us Get Unstuck 

  • Additional Components: Reflection Questions, Learning From Others Of The Same Type, Listening Breaks With God, Question & Response

Why go through the hearing god workshop as a church family?

This workshop sheds light on our Church Family's expectations of both God and themselves. We provide a safe space to hear from God and process the memories and feelings that arise with God and with each other.


Participating in this workshop will help your congregation to dig deep inside themselves to identify and release the blocks that keep them seeing God in only one fixed way. A way that likely limits what they’re able and willing to hear from God.


It's so easy to only expect God to point us in directions or point out our sinful behaviors. Those are very important, but by themselves, they keep our focus off of the internal healing, growth and maturing that would actually make it so much easier for us to go in the direction God is pointing us in and to get unstuck from the sinful patterns.


If your Church culture tends to be listening only for external ways forward while neglecting the way inward, then this is a valuable step towards the next level of intimacy and freedom with God.

WANT TO HOST A HEARING GOD WORKSHOP for your church family?

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The Enneagram & Marriage

Marriage is an incredible gift - one that God designed. So why is it so hard sometimes? Why is it so hard to understand  one another? With two imperfect people coming together to create one partnership, there's bound to be conflict. The Enneagram is an incredibly helpful tool for this.


This marriage workshop is designed to help couples not only better understand one another, but to set the foundation for continued learning, conversation, and growth. 


Throughout this workshop, we'll come to better understand our partners and how we're wired. We'll take a look at each types communication style, orientation to time, social stance, and core needs. 


We'll explore how to use the Enneagram to maximize your teamwork, effectiveness, mission, & impact as a couple for God's glory in marriage. 

This workshop is highly interactive and intentional about creating ample time and space for couples to engage in re-connection, conversation,  healing, and growth. 

the format: 1 - 2 days

topics include: 


  • Understanding the basics: Arrows of Disintegration, Levels of Development, Wings, etc.  

  • Understanding our partner's unique hard-wiring (Orientation to Time, Stances)

  • How to best support one another - Knowing what our partner needs

  • Using the Enneagram to improve communication, conflict, relational growth, etc. in marriage

Why go through an Enneagram & Marriage Workshop?

With marriage success rates on the decline in our culture, it's crucial to prioritize the covenant of marriage in the church. 


Participating in this workshop will give an opportunity for couples to understand one another newly through the lens of the Enneagram. The Enneagram provides couples with language to address and articulate the why behind certain behaviors, patterns, conflicts, or misunderstandings that keep coming up in the relationship. 


It's with this shared language that couples can identify the areas that may be holding them back from growth and make a plan to move forward in unity, love, compassion and growth. 


If your Church has been looking for an opportunity to provide space for couples to re-ignite their marriage, then this is the perfect workshop for you. 

WANT TO HOST an enneagram & marriage WORKSHOP for your church?

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